August 28, 2009

time well spent


well..we did something last night we shouldn't have. Show homes. Usually they don't even phase me, they make me appreciate my home even more than I already do. But the 8th and last one we walked through last night caught my attention. I really don't have the desire to go through the building process again..but I know we probably will. [I'm too darn picky, and we don't have the time or energy to renovate]
Now I'm not saying we are doing anything in the near future.. but the wheels are turning now. The problem with us, is that we are used to moving. often. It all started while Kevin was still playing hockey. We have lived in 9 different homes in 8 years. Woah. I didn't even realize it was that many until I counted.
The thing with this house was the layout. A good one is hard to find. Especially when you add 2 little girls into the mix. They need space. period. and they have stuff. oh do they have stuff.
The clincher for me though..was the kitchen. I will not even pretend that I like to cook. I don't. But the kitchen in a home is the deal maker or breaker for me. The island must have been 15 feet long. All white. With drawers on both sides. Sigh.
Here's the next problem.. once we get something in our heads [ and Kevin liked it as much as I did] we usually find a way to make it happen. Oh god. You may be getting a cute change of address card in the mail in 8 months. :)

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