August 8, 2009

outdoor rooms

Transforming our yard was a major priority for us this summer. 2 little girls with no yard to play in is no good! With the help of family, we were able to build deck+fence and lay sod in two weekends. Basics done. Landscaping is so not my thing. We left our front yard clean and simple this year, with lots of mulched space for plantings next year. Grass and tree are quite happy and growing. Route to the back yard.. which should be fantastic, but it's not. Yet. Great deck with an awesome awning, fantastic chairs ..I should love it. But I don't. I am very unsettled sitting out there. It's not right [because it's not decorated]. I know, it's outside. For those of you who know me, it has been rearranged countless times. Not working. All I see is pressure treated wood. So last night we decided we will paint the railing on the deck. [my father will probably disown me]. We are going to do it black to tie into the house trim and door. It is the first step to happy homeowner :) When it's done to my liking I'll share pictures, until then.. enjoy these fantastic outdoor spaces!

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