July 20, 2009


As some of you know, I spent a wonderful 5 years of my life as a manager at Pottery Barn. Obviously over the years it has influenced my style, but I have also learned to trust my instinct and not follow all the trends. Picking pieces that fit into my decor, and not redoing my whole home because of one new piece [ ok, yes, I've done that too] took some time to get over!

This home of Patrick Wade+Dave DeMattei, two Williams Sonoma employees is so lovely. Located in Napa Valley it is so in tune with the environment. It was featured a couple of months ago in House Beautiful, and if you read it, I'm sure like me, you took in every piece in every room. It is truly beautiful. And it definitely speaks to the brand.
" Group things in threes and fives. Think pyramid, a hierarchy of heights from high to low. You need a strong focal point so every thing's not equal, and you have something to look at. That's a basic rule of display, whether it's objects or a grouping of furniture. You always need juxtapositions — hard and soft, rough and smooth, shine and matte, old and new, modern and traditional. Then they both stand out. Same old tricks, but it's what makes a room warm and comfortable and friendly and gives it personality. And I love repetition: Repetition is confirmation. A smart woman told me that. It's confirmation that you believe in what you're doing. Repetition makes it stronger. I also love symmetry. Chair-chair, lamp-lamp. It helps you organize, and gives you a base. If there's no grounding in organization, it's all a mess." PW

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