January 31, 2010

good morning

As you are waking up and enjoying your first cup of coffee, all cozy in your jammies.. I will already be here. Helping my old store do inventory. It's sort of an alumni thing..we all go back to help. So have a good day, I know I'm going to :)

errand day

Are you out and about today?
We have a few errands that will get us out of the house for a little while.
While we're out we'll stop for lunch at Ikea, and maybe I'll pick up a frame for my LOVE print.
Hope you have a wonderful Sunday -xo image. instyle

January 30, 2010


amazing trim, fab floor, modern hardware
an entry I'd be happy to come home to.
( love the reddy orange green cream mix )
image via shelter

delicately embellished

soft,pretty and downright girly.
delicately embellished
1. soft stitches body suit
2. bordurette tank
3. vanilla bean blouse

katie holmes

From the girl next door in Dawsons Creek ( an image we all loved and envied )-
to this - ( still envious ) Stunning photographs from a photo shoot with In Style back in 2007.
Absolutely adore the hair.

Nora Edmonds takes her dogs for a stroll

love this.
get it here

a hint of ...yellow

the best everyday lotion ever-kiehls
love this Chloe boat neck in a sunshiny yellow
a bedroom photographed by Paul Costello that is like a fairytale with it's birdcage canopy , whimsical wallpaper, visiting birds and ruffled drapes

January 29, 2010

for mom

hutch inspiration
from here

minimal with alot of punch

white and cream with amazing pops of citrus
love the wall mounted dresser and casualness of the room

simply perfect
our love of grey and yellow with more wall mounted cabinetry
I'd want to play in there too
again, wall mounting, a fab chair and great lighting
a look through the beautiful Manhattan apartment of Monica Mandelli and Marco Vallas

images + article elle decor

crush on pastels

Calvin Klein's perfectly rumpled linen dresses, and a pastel driven interior that is impeccable.
images here + here

todays hint of pink

what a stunning room-
a bright and energetic mix of pink, turquoise and a deep carmel.
love the gold + brass accents and the simple and informal arrangement on the fire place.

image via house of turquoise

heaven on earth

a small intimate wedding, a dinner with close friends, an afternoon with a book-

my list

Have you read this? Is it any good? It's on my list and I need to know :)

January 28, 2010

april 2007

wasn't this a great cover?


only at chanel can you pair a suit with a matching handbag and be timeless, elegant, chic and fabulous.
please don't try this anywhere else.

paul costello

natural light, the sweetest puppies, a fab door and a gallery wall in the background
paul costello-

red ticking

my new blog friend Pam had her beautiful shop Red Ticking featured on Apartment Therapy today- congrats Pam. I know if I'm ever in Seattle, I'll be stopping by.
Maybe you'll ship to Canada..will you ship to Canada? ( Those horns are calling my name....)

all about the scale

grand scale
that just might be the most fabulous settee I have ever seen in my life.
the caramel leather ottoman is scrumptious - distressed analine dyed leather. Just perfect
herma vegter-petrie