March 31, 2010

country girl

I had the BEST day today. An overdue visit with an amazing friend + meeting her new little bundle of joy Peyton.. out to the country I go :)

can you imagine gazing out to this view everyday? And the red roof.. come on, serious charm!

White + time worn ( an absolute favorite )

A beautiful new mommy-and the sweetest little peanut

a trip out for lunch.. she slept the entire time :)

meet jake. He greets you as soon as you arrive. Gorgeous isn't he? If you, like me, like country music you'll appreciate " feed Jake, he's been a good dog.. " ( I know, I'm multi faceted )

pretty sight isn't it?

time to head home before rush hour traffic - quick , I need a picture with her!

Lor, I had the best day, I look forward to seeing you in two weeks for little misses shower :)
Thanks for lunch, and bearing with me while I dragged you into thrift shops! xx

March 30, 2010

little miss Peyton Marie

I'm off on a little road trip in the morning.. a very dear friend of mine is a new mommy + I have been waiting for two weeks to get a chance to hold this little sweetie!
Catch up with you later! xo

eating nook

a great space for a cup of coffee + a magazine ( where I hope to eventually have a settee under the window )

favorite things

little nooks are where my eye wanders-

my kind of space

another fabulous mix of black, white + rustic-

image. Canadian House & Home

March 29, 2010

play room gallery

I just ordered this little charmer to add to the girls play room gallery -

it's coming along.. a few thrift store finds, etsy prints + girls art work

I love the casualness of the mix :)

master of. award

A huge thank you Miss Sarah for this lovely award, it's my first ever and I was thrilled beyond belief to receive it! Although you had me a little stumped :)
Here goes.. a few quirky things about me-

I am a master of / at

1. Skate sharpening as mentioned here
2. Merchandising, making a fabulous bed + hanging a gallery wall by eyeballing it.
3. making turns out every time, my mother in law curses me for this ability!
4. Organising. anything.
5.Making a huge mess to organise a space from scratch.. it's the only way to know what your working with
6. Taking in the contents of a magazine in a 1 minute flip through.. when Calleigh was a baby + colicky, I didn't have more than a minute to myself for 6 months :)

So now you know a little about me, and I'm going to do a little something different to pass it along-
Share here! Let me + my fabulous readers know a little thing that you have mastered! xoxo

March 28, 2010

our work continues

A long weekend spent painting + laying flooring-

has gotten these two very excited about their new space-

and a quick trip to walmart to pick up toys for grandma's house..yielded this cute and inexpensive outdoor rug -

We are off from work this week ( yay! ) and the basement work will continue-
Oh, I finished my side of the road project.. it just may be my favorite piece in the new basement!
Pictures soon!

my list

You know that gut instinct that says " I need this " .. that just happened to me while browsing through Junghwa.

March 27, 2010

number one of six

Ok Sarah - I'm going to post these 6 things that I am a master of as I think of them.. hope that's ok :)
NUMBER 1. This may catch you a little off guard, but #1 is sharpening goalie skates. Really, I'm good. Never in my whole life did I think I would do this, but I do now and I am good :)

A little background- my husband Kevin is a goalie coach, and we have a goalie training center here in Calgary.. GDI Alberta.

How did I do?

sleep please

thinking about a space like this right now - not an abundance of sleep at our house last night. When a little girl wants to wake up...she wakes us up :)

image. here

March 26, 2010

{ jens pick } little blue box

I have a special place in my heart {+ around my neck, wrist + fingers!} for Tiffany's.
I have a new found love for pearls...I believe that pearls can adorn any outfit...yes, that means that I wear pearls with my is kind of like using the fine china every day....why not?!

Jen, you made me think of this image..
( now we all want to know - did you get a little treat on your holiday? xo

ugly duckling

Remember my side of the road find? ( yeah, I really made my husband stop and pick it up )-
It's a little battered and bruised + a good challenge. I'll show you how it turns out!
Happy Weekend!
oh, and I should have a few basement pics for you next week :)


It's raining here today - Guess what I'm wearing!

March 25, 2010

todays hint of pink

( a Vancouver home of ) A couple with small children has built a home that reflects everyone in it, an accomplishment they should be proud of.. it's done so well.

A palette infused with bright hues is flirty, child friendly and so livable-
Featured in Style at Home