February 28, 2010

three things

Weekend flowers, thanks honey

a trip to the ' treasure store' ( what Calleigh likes to call it )

found a cute lamp for a makeover.

my side of the road project.. I have plans for this one

The living room trim work is coming along nicely, just waiting for a couple coats of paint today.
Have a great Sunday-

February 26, 2010

now that's a good idea

this, just gave me a really great idea. Something I can do with my side of the road find/ project.
I'm sort of giddy now :)

image. here

weekend plans

Me on the phone with my dad last night...Are you and mom coming down for the weekend?
Dad.. yes.
me YAY..Dad, it's project weekend!
He walked right into that one:)
We are taking the trim work from the entry into the living room, hanging a new bamboo blind in the eating area and oh.. wait till you see what I took off the side of the road last night. Nope, I'm not kidding, and it's going to be fabulous!
Happy Weekend!
I'll be spending my weekend in sweats, and these are kinda cute. here

a fab photographer + designer

A family gathering - the scheme behind Tory Burch's spring collection. Shot at her home, photographer Tina Barney captures Tory's home, the essence of her line and a family occasion you'd wish to be a part of.

Behind the scene's with Tina Barney can been seen here.

February 25, 2010

the deep south

I have a very strong connection to the south. Pretty sure in another life I lived in one of those imposing antebellum homes. Don't even ask where this comes from-
But when we lived in South Carolina, and I visited Charleston, something tugged on my heart.

I came upon this darling and interesting home that survived the fires of 1838. It is known to the original builder as the Juliana Dupre house. Well, of course it is-

It's fresh, bright, modern and traditional. It honors it's roots and at the same time it is brought in to today. The tree lined walk way, I can't even tell you how charming these are..it's a little glimpse into someones world. Ah.. I'm so having a day dream moment right now.


great space

The chair, the settee, fabulous lighting ( what a gorgeous rose tone )
crisp white, tiles in the background and a black hallway - love that.

image via. Made by Girl

Napa on my mind

Can you even stand it!? A home + winery so spectacular I don't even know where to start-
Seriously, I'm not going to say a thing, you know exactly what I'm thinking!
see it all here.

A Napa wedding

When we visited Calistoga, CA one night while having dinner, a stunning bride happened through the room, her small and intimate wedding reception rooms away. I was completely taken by the natural look she had, hair loose and flowing, a simple + beautiful dress.. very true to the location. I happened to come across these photo's of a wedding also in Napa Valley and I am completely smitten.

To see the rest of the stunning photos and the sweet couple visit here-

todays hint of pink

just a tiny touch-
A casual throw, a vase of flowers. Just enough to catch your eye.

images. housebeautiful

Alexa Chung for Madewell

I'm crazy about the sweet blush of this dress

I am just loving dresses this year!

Classic with an edge, feminine silhouettes and great mens wear inspired basics.

rethinking a gallery wall

By now you are probably incredibly tired of me talking about gallery walls. I have now taken mine down, as the sofa has moved walls. We are considering taking the trim work ( at a lower level through the living room ) so I won't need a big grouping in there.

I used to have this arrangement in the entry - it may be redone on the icky wall with all the humidifier and thermostat and doorbell yuck. Then I can cover it.